Having a level print bed is the first step for obtaining a successful print. There are two commonly used methods for manually leveling that we will examine: 3 point method, and the 4 point method. Some printing software out on the market also provide an auto-leveling or auto-calibration. For the manual methods you will need […]

We cannot stress it enough. The first layer of your print is CRITICAL. It serves as the foundation for the rest of your print and getting it right will drastically increase the probability that your print will turn out the way you want. The overall goal for your first layer should be to create a […]

  In our years of waging war against warping with ABS we have tried many methods to maintain the bond between the printed part and the build platform . Thus far the most effective method of preventing warp is to make a solution of ABS and acetone that we like to call ABS Sauce.  Applying […]

ABS is an excellent printing material due to its strength and durability, however printing with ABS can prove to be far more of a challenging than PLA. This is because ABS is much more sensitive to thermal variations and therefore requires more preparation to use. However, do not to let this deter you, with the […]

PLA or Polylactic Acid is a polyester thermoplastic derived from corn starch, tapioca roots and sugar cane. This biodegradable material is a great for users of all levels of experience since it does not warp and has a pleasant aroma during printing. Although it is biodegradable, PLA will essentially last forever as long as you […]