Headquartered in beautiful Southern California, 3D Prototech is a collective of engineers who saw a market need and filled it with a smart, solid company, designed to supply materials and expertise to the fast-growing world of 3D printing. Whether you’re an established, global corporation or an artist printing at home, you’ll receive the same individual, expert attention in order to have your needs met.

Here at the ProtoBlog, our goal is to share our knowledge regularly and engagingly to help make this exciting new technology more accessible to everyone.  Within our blog you will find how-to’s, industry news, product comparisons, and some of the interesting projects we are working on here at 3D ProtoTech

We invite you to take advantage of all 3D Prototech has to offer, including our


3D Prototech products are manufactured and tested by industry experts to ensure consistent levels of the highest quality in the market.

3D Prototech features streamlined processes for distribution and delivery as well as tech support that keeps you printing!

3D Prototech is a virtual library on all things 3D printing. Whether your business has been extruding for years, or you’re an artist exploring this new medium in your home studio, you’ll benefit from our expert tips, answers and industry news.

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