December 22, 2014

ABS Sauce


In our years of waging war against warping with ABS we have tried many methods to maintain the bond between the printed part and the build platform . Thus far the most effective method of preventing warp is to make a solution of ABS and acetone that we like to call ABS Sauce.  Applying a thin layer of this mixture to your print bed before you begin printing will keep your ABS print bonded to the build plate.

Simply dissolve about 4 inches (10cm) of 3.00 mm ABS or equivalently 6 inches (10cm) of 1.75 mm into a container (with a lid) with 50 ml of pure acetone and then shake the container until the ABS is completely dissolved. If the mixture is not needed immediately, and you can leave it overnight it will be ready in the morning. After the ABS has completely dissolved you should will see a murky, slightly viscous solution.

Using a paper towel apply a thin coat to your build platform. The print bed will fog up indicating that the acetone has evaporated and then you are left with a super thin layer of ABS coating your build plate. Only one layer of application is necessary, as adding a second layer will remove the first layer because of the acetone. Once the acetone evaporates you are ready to begin your warp free print!

The solution scales linearly so you can make a large batch or just enough for your next print as long as you keep the relative proportions of ABS to acetone the same. The strength of the mixture can also be fine tuned to your liking by adding or subtracting the amount of ABS you apply to the solution.



Happy Printing,

The team at 3D ProtoTech

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